SnapCabs at TED Talks


SnapCab Pods made an appearance at the annual TED conference, where some of the world’s greatest ideas come together. We provided conference goers with two SnapCab pods. Find out what happens at TED, who attends and how SnapCabs enhanced the experience.

What Happens at TED?

The five-day TED conference hosted more than 1,000 attendees at the Vancouver Convention Centre. TED focuses on three groups of ideas — technology, entertainment and design. It highlights TED’s signature TED Talks, featuring more than 70 of these presentations live. Attendees take part in a full experience that includes luxurious meals, free gift bags, workshops and cutting-edge tech demonstrations. The installations featured at TED included our SnapCab pods.

Who Else Attended the TED Conference?

In addition to major names like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, a familiar name also attended TED — our partner, Steelcase. They hosted an art exhibit featuring a collaborative mural created by artists and attendees. Conference goers could request to appear on the mural, and the artists would add them over time. Steelcase’s exhibition demonstrated the power of collaborative spaces in art and real life.

How Did Conference Goers Use SnapCab pods?

People who attended TED2019 made the most out our SnapCab pod installation. Our pods had occupants almost continuously because of their versatility and sound absorbing qualities. Attendees used our pods to:

  • Call coworkers, collaborators, friends and loved ones
  • Get work done in a quiet space
  • Take a few moments to themselves
  • Hold temporary remote meetings
  • And more

Even the greatest innovators need a moment of peace. We proudly gave attendees a space to get away from the business of the conference.

What Benefits Do SnapCab Pods Provide at Large Events?

Just like TED, you can use SnapCab pods to add a quiet space to your conference or another type of event. Our pods come in three sizes that can serve different purposes. While we provided TED with the Pod S, you can mix and match sizes to get the most out of the pod. Give your attendees space to:

  • Work: Event attendees can use pods equipped with power outlets, seating and tables to complete quick work tasks.
  • Communicate: The sound absorbing properties of the SnapCab pod make it an ideal quiet space to make audio and video calls.
  • Collaborate: Add a Pod M or Pod S to your event floor to give attendees the opportunity to work together in their own space.
  • Relax: A Pod can provide much-needed quiet when an event such as a conference gets busy.

Simply put, SnapCab pods serve the same purpose as a quiet room, but with better versatility and affordability. Your pod can become just about anything you envision for your event space.

Where Can I Learn More About SnapCab pods?

You can visit our website for comprehensive information on our pods and their uses. Our pod pages include specifications, benefits and inspiration that help you understand how to get the most out of our popular product.