DesignTV: Virtual Product Tour with SnapCab

On June 9th, SnapCab Founder and CEO Glenn Bostock and Sales Manager Jack Burkom sat down with Cindy Allen, the Editor-in-Chief of Interior Design for a Virtual Product Tour.

Part of DesignTV's "NeoCon Now" virtual programming, the feature provided the architecture and design community with an in-depth tour of our new line of office isolation pods and home office pods developed in response to the changing needs of the business community.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can now tune in below to learn more about how SnapCab is changing the ways of workplace design with its growing line of Workspace products. 

Skip to the 30 minute mark to begin your Virtual Product Tour with SnapCab!

A special thanks to Fractal Workspace for allowing us to showcase the utilization of SnapCab pods during the pandemic. We're thrilled with the results!