Green Building & Design: Modular Office Solutions from SnapCab May Be Just What We Needed

Matt Watson, Green Building & Design 

SnapCab Workspace’s modular workstations bring flexibility to the open office and give you the space to be you.

For much of the last decade, the trend in workplace design was toward the open office environment. The bottom-line benefit was obvious: Without cubicles and spacious corner offices, companies could fit more employees into a given space. It was also thought that an open office, free of physical barriers, would break down creative barriers between employees and lead to a more collaborative work environment. Yet the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus has upended this model and caused organizations to reconsider the future of their workspaces.

Few companies are better positioned to shape that future than SnapCab Workspace a leading manufacturer of modular workstations. “Our first thought after the coronavirus outbreak was, ‘Will we be able to stay in business?’” says Glenn Bostock, CEO and founder of SnapCab. “But we quickly realized our workstation pods could be an excellent solution to the challenges of getting people back to work.” The company immediately began investing in research and development to further modify its product line with the challenges of the coronavirus in mind.

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