SnapCab Workspace Wins Multiple DNA Paris Design Awards

SnapCab Workspace Wins Multiple

DNA Paris Design Awards


By Michelle Rose

Kingston, Ontario   |   August 3, 2021   |   PR Newswire 

SnapCab, an office pod manufacturer operating out of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, won multiple DNA Paris Design Awards for 2021.

In the category of Product Design/Furniture & Lighting, the SnapCab Meet 2 was the winner. Designed for productivity, the Meet 2 is a quiet sanctuary for those working from home. Stepping through the pod’s door leaves the noise and distractions of the home behind, and offers a professional, focused space for you to do your best work.

Being smaller in size than SnapCab’s other office pods, the Meet 2 is meant to fit comfortably in your home. A quiet ceiling fan ensures that fresh air is circulated continuously throughout your time in the workspace. The finishes, furniture, and accessories can be customized to adapt to your needs and look.

In the Product Design/Responsible Design category, the SnapCab Care took first place. The Care was created through collaboration between Kingston’s medical community and SnapCab’s design team. Conceived as a solution for providing privacy in a large medical space, the first of its kind was installed in the Kingston Health Sciences Centre COVID-19 Assessment Centre.

The Care combines a private doctor’s office with a HEPA filter air intake and one-way glass to allow doctors to keep an eye on the medical facility, as well as an examination area for patients who require more critical care. The Care was designed to face the wall so a gurney can be wheeled around the corner for ease of access and privacy. Plus, its heavy-duty casters allow it to be easily moved across the floor or reassembled in a new location when desired.

The new SnapCab Consult received an Honorable Mention in the Commercial and Offices category. The Consult allows for safe face-to-face consultation and collaboration. It is a mobile pod split into two smaller rooms separated by a glass partition. With air ventilation top of mind during the pandemic, each side of the pod is equipped with a dedicated HEPA filter. The sound-blocking exterior glass doors provide audio privacy and keep out distracting noise.

The SnapCab Work+ received Honorable Mentions in both the Workplace and the Furniture & Lighting categories. It is a spacious workspace for one, with an adjustable height desktop and fully customizable options.

Not only are each of these pod products air safe, but they’re also seismic certified, UL Listed, and easy to clean, as are all SnapCab Workspace products.

“We’re honored to be recognized for these new pod products that were ultimately designed as a response to needs during the pandemic,” says Glenn Bostock, SnapCab founder, CEO and lead designer. “Our main focus is on providing useful service to our customers, and now that many people are returning to the workplace, we are happy to be able to provide products that help people focus on their important tasks while keeping them safe.”

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Since 1983, SnapCab has been a leader in developing workspace privacy solutions and elevator cab interiors that are flexible, high quality and safe to use in a variety of environments. SnapCab Workspace offers a flexible kit of parts that is designed with a customizable frame, panels, finishes, colors, furniture, accessories and more. These isolated pods for the open are moveable, simple to clean, and can be combined with the SnapCab Connects walls to transform any workplace.