SnapCab shares new products at Virtual re:Source

For years, NeoCon has been a key annual event for SnapCab. In 2017 we were awarded Best of NeoCon for our new pod design, in 2018 we announced the launch of our new Workspace manufacturing facility and in 2019 announced our UL Listing. At NeoCon 2020, we were ready to announce to the architecture and design community that we are now an open line manufacturer.

That’s why we want to extend our gratitude to Interior Design. They’ve worked tirelessly to replicate the experience of NeoCon, virtually. Three weeks ago, we spent half an hour speaking with Cindy Allen on DesignTV. Two weeks ago, we took part in a Virtual Roundtable to discuss the future of the workplace. Last week, we attended Virtual re:Source.

For Virtual re:Source, Interior Design facilitated nine private, one-on-one meetings with leaders in the design community. It was an opportunity for founder and CEO Glenn Bostock and sales manager Jack Burkom to share how we have adapted our product and designs in response to Covid-19

Identifying the need for products like ours in the transition to the "new normal" of the workplace, our long-standing focus on flexibility, safety and modular design, has allowed us to respond quickly to new and emerging needs. We're grateful to Interior Design for helping us share our products with the community. 

Read Interior Design's recap of the event:

"Interior Design hosted its second virtual re:Source event of the year June 25, enabling designers and manufacturers near and far to discuss the latest in product and material innovations in a simulated conference space, complete with "upper level" lounge areas."

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