SnapCab Meet 4 Meeting Pod
Meet 4Meet 4Meet 4

A mobile, stand–alone workspace for up to four people

  • High Quality | Safe | Flexible

  • Quiet, stand-alone booth

  • Plug-and-play installation

  • Heavy-duty casters for mobility

  • Sound-blocking glass front door

  • Designed to interconnect with SnapCab demountable walls, SnapCab Connects



Choose from a variety of laminate options for your SnapCab. We offer several standard laminate options, but you can also specify any laminate color and pattern to achieve your design goals.


SnapCab offers endless flexibility with custom paneling options for the interior and exterior of your pod. Whether you're looking for invigorating colors, acoustic dampening solutions or a calming, nature–inspired environment, SnapCab has the answer for you.

Acoustic Dampening Material

Acoustic dampening material helps reduce sound pressure levels and lower reverberation. It's soft to the touch but resilient.

SnapCab PET sound dampening material for isolated meeting pod and office pod

Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass is optically clear so your whites are pristine and make an excellent whiteboard. Whiteboard functionality turns your SnapCab’s upper back wall panels into an engaging resource

SnapCab Connects Wall with Gorilla Glass for a whiteboard finish

Gigapixel Photography

You also have the option of selecting a gigapixel, panoramic photograph to make an epic, yet peaceful statement. Relax in a nature–inspired environment while still having the opportunity to focus, collaborate and accomplish. Each panoramic landscape will fit on any SnapCab model.

SnapCab Meeting Pod with nature landscape panel design


Our furniture, although optional, was made specifically for SnapCab products. 

Not only does it fit perfectly inside, but it's comfortable and durable too.

Meeting pod poly-leather bench in mink color


Length: 44” 

Depth: 20” 

Back Height: 28” 

Seat Height: 18.25" 

Material: Poly–leather 

Color: Mink

Grey, matte table for SnapCab Meet 4 meeting pod


Dimensions: 34” x 30” 

Height: 28.5” 

Material: Solid Phenolic 

Color: Grey, Matte



SnapCab Pod M 


4 People

Aluminum Frame Finish 

Clear or Black 

Seating (Optional) 

Length: 44” 

Depth: 20” 

Back Height: 28” 

Seat Height: 18.25" 

Material: Poly–leather 

Color: Mink 

Table (Optional) 

Dimensions: 34” x 30” 

Height: 28.5” 

Material: Solid Phenolic 

Color: Grey, Matte 


Exterior Dimensions:53” x 77” 

Exterior Height: 91.5” 

Interior Dimensions:47” x 71” 

Interior Height: 78” 

Door Width: 34”(Right–handed) 

Weight (with Furniture): 1,740 lbs 

Power Bar 

15 Amp Rating 

2 110VAC Outlets 

4 USB Charging Outlets 


2 Dimmable LED Downlights 

Rear Perimeter Lighting (Optional) 

Motion Activated 

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles 


468 CFM 

Motion Activated 


4 High–load Phenolic Casters

UL Listed Logo


After undergoing rigorous testing, SnapCabs are UL Listed, seismic certified, and fire-rated with the option to include a fire suppression solution. 

We completed these tests to prove that SnapCabs are not only code compliant, but professionally vetted and certified. 


With its robust, heavy–gauge aluminum structural frame, patented interlocking panels, tempered glass front, sound–blocking framed door, and motion sensor lights and fans, our SnapCab Workspace is built with high–traffic use and longevity in mind. 

We're so positive that our products will last, we offer customers an unprecedented 10-year warranty.

SnapCab Meet 4 meeting pod with wood laminate exterior panels