SnapCab is a company that embraces and practices the principles of lean manufacturing, a method that focuses on overall waste reduction. 

Our standard SnapCab wall panels with plastic laminate finish contain 88 percent post–consumer recycled content. The recyclable heavy gauge aluminum extrusion substructure and stainless–steel door handles are also made from recycled materials. 

The standard ceiling tile contains a minimum of 80 percent previously recycled polyester fiber from plastic bottles, while the upgraded acoustic panels contain a minimum of 45 percent. 

Instead of shipping each SnapCab in a separate crate, the SnapCab is shipped assembled as its own crate, with the panels wrapped and protected inside. 

The environmental savings are estimated to include the following: 

• Elimination of two large 96x48x48 plywood crates 
• Fuel reduction with the elimination of transporting two plywood crates 
• 30 percent reduction in the use of plastic and non–biodegradable plastic wrap 
• Built–in pallet at the bottom of the SnapCab eliminates the need for separate pallets

If you have any questions regarding the sustainability of SnapCab products, please contact us.