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Our Story

A Journey of Design & Craftsmanship

The early sparks of SnapCab were ignited by a passion for design, rooted in craftsmanship.

Creating a Culture of Usefulness

People are the foundation of a company and culture is built on collaboration and curiosity. The founder faced challenges growing up with learning disabilities which, when he was young, gave him a bit of a chip on his shoulder. As he matured, he grew to embrace a more holistic approach: one based in empathy and authenticity. One wherein people’s strengths and weaknesses are embraced. He understood that not only is this the right thing to do, but it is also good business. As a result, a culture of community was formed by engaged employees participating in ever-evolving processes and improvements. It is the ethos that fostered our market-leading innovations that continue to affect the daily lives of so many.

Responsible Manufacturing and Quality Craftsmanship

A major breakthrough came in 1998 when the founder invented and patented the Interlocking Panel System (ILP), a defining feature of our products. We saw a chance to lessen the disruption faced by everyday people during elevator interior restorations. The existing standard seemed too complicated and susceptible to error. The ILP is a practical, smart, and elegant solution that reduces disruption time by ¾ and was inherently flexible in terms of materiality and aesthetics. It didn’t take long for Otis, the world’s largest elevator manufacturing business, to recognize its value and SnapCab landed a national contract. Other elevator companies followed suit, and a strong foundation was laid.

Human-Centric Design in Workplaces

The flexible nature of the ILP and our rich heritage of craftsmanship sparked the beginning of a new era in the world of high-quality privacy pods. Working with Fortune 500 companies and top furniture dealers to develop industry-leading products, we remained set on keeping people at the heart of every design to genuinely address human needs. Well-being, focus, and productivity were suffering in the general workforce at a time when open-concept offices had become commonplace. The workplace is such a huge component of peoples’ daily lives, we set out with the goal to serve the diverse and inclusive needs of our users. We believe that by prioritizing people and collaborating with others, we can make a positive impact on the world and inspire others to do the same.

40 Years of Innovation

Innovation is an enabler of change, it can form new human behaviour. The best innovators understand people and strive to make our lives better. Since 1983, we’ve been challenging the status-quo to enrich people’s everyday experiences. Driven by kindness, authenticity and the desire to be useful, SnapCab has altered our relationship with work, collaboration and architecture.

“People want to work with people who want to be useful.”

Founder & CEO

“What excites me most about SnapCab Workspace products is the thought of all of the incredible ideas that will be generated inside. When you have a dedicated space to focus and collaborate, imagine what you will accomplish!”

Glenn Bostock

Founder & CEO

Company Milestones

40 years of craftsmanship