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SnapCab cares about people and the planet

We are committed to making the world a better place through our company values – be kind, be authentic, be useful – and guided by the three pillars of sustainability – economic viability, environmental protection, and social equity.

Lean Manufacturing and Waste Reduction

As a lean manufacturer, and through the lens of life cycle sustainability, waste reduction is at the forefront of our operations: we strive to minimize both material and process-based waste. Lean manufacturing promotes the application of green practices and consequently reduces air emissions, energy use and land-fill waste.

Consider that nearly 80% of our supply chain is located within a 500 km radius which offers resilience, agility and sustainability.

We actively collaborate with vendors who share our dedication to efficiency, sustainability, and fair business practices. Much like our customers, SnapCab wants to understand the world behind the products we buy.

High-Quality Products with a 10-Year Warranty

Built to Last

Eco-Friendly Shipping Process

Our shipping process is designed to reduce waste and greenhouse gases. Instead of crating, we ship our products partially assembled, which minimizes plastic packaging and lowers fuel consumption during transportation.

High-Quality Manufacturing

We manufacture high-quality products built to last. All of our products come with a 10-year warranty, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

Long Life Cycle Product

Our products are designed with updates and material refreshes in mind. This promotes a long life cycle, keeping them relevant and out of landfills.

All our pod models are comprised of significant recycled, recyclable and renewable materials.

Use of Recycled and Renewable Materials

Our acoustic ceiling tile contains a minimum of 80% recycled polyester fiber from plastic bottles, and the acoustic paneling upgrade package has a minimum of 45% recycled content. The recyclable heavy gauge aluminum extrusion substructure and stainless–steel door handles are also made from recycled materials. Since laminated glass has a plastic interlayer, tempered safety breakaway glass and Corning® Gorilla Glass are used as our standard glass options.

Ensuring Safe Air Quality

Air quality management is important not only for occupational health and safety, but also when engaging in green practices. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde can have devastating effects on ecosystems. Rigorous UL and 3rd party testing of our products has ensured safe air quality and levels of these compounds that fall far below recommended guidelines.

Embracing a Positive
Company Culture

At SnapCab, our company culture embraces creating a ‘space to be you’ for team members. Humanness is accepted and celebrated. Mistakes are rewarded, focusing on ways to improve rather than punish. SnapCab provides good jobs in the community: every team member receives above-market compensation and benefits. We are an equal opportunity employer who facilitates everyone reaching their full potential and contributing to society.

And, we believe it is important to socialize and get together; we host regular all company events including all-company lunches which are sourced locally with delicious plant-based options. We are active in the community in many ways; for example all-staff seasonal neighbourhood clean-ups where everyone pitches in to clean up the accumulated litter on our block.

Sustainability Audits and Certifications

We conduct internal sustainability audits and rely on programs such as LEED, BIFMA LEVEL, and UL Greenguard Gold to guide our sustainability efforts. These programs provide frameworks for measuring and improving our environmental performance. SnapCab is a proud member of Sustainable Kingston – an organization that enhances livability and environmental resiliency at the local level.

Dedication to Sustainability

Overall, at SnapCab, we are dedicated to economic, environmental and social sustainability. We manufacture products that meet industry environmental certifications, standards, and labels. We are continuously strengthening and improving our supply chain, through using proximal and responsible suppliers that offer environmentally-friendly materials and systems. We are a human business that embodies progressive employment practices and fosters a vibrant community culture. We truly want our planet to be a place where everyone has ‘a space to be you.’