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Putting the Spotlight on the Importance of Good Lighting

Given that SnapCab adheres to a people-centric design philosophy, the user’s focus and comfort is of the utmost importance. While numerous considerations have gone into our designs, lighting is a major one.

January 23, 2024

Enhancing Individual and Collaborative Workspaces

To ensure our products are optimized for both individual heads-down work and collaboration with others, we have introduced a new standard lighting style. Our team of lighting experts has gleaned, through researching scientific studies and first-hand feedback alike, that 3-wall indirect perimeter lighting just works better than direct task lights. 

The glow of our warm-tone indirect perimeter lighting produces a more visually pleasing environment while enhancing the user experience.

Here at SnapCab, many of our employees spend substantial time working in our pods. In response to the decision to replace overhead task lighting with indirect perimeter lighting, one employee enthusiastically described the improvement of his own experience. 

Stephen explained that previously, when he would spend a day working under the direct lights, while the dimmability helped mitigate this, the glare over time was uncomfortable for his face. On the other hand, the new lighting set up was noticeable, and it reduced tension in the face through the course of a day.

Scientifically Backed Workspace Solutions

And the studies support this anecdotal feedback. According to architecture & design firm HOK, employees prefer to adjust their lighting based on sensitivity and needs. An ASID study found that 68% of employees complain about the light in their offices. Indirect light creates a softer, more natural illumination and reduces glare, shadows, and harsh contrasts. Habitual exposure to poor lighting can cause eye strain and has been shown to impact employee mental health and productivity.

The intention of this transition is to better mimic the soft, natural, diffused light from the sun. Better emulating the quality and tone of light and darkness found in nature has been found to positively affect circadian rhythm and improve energy, alertness, and mood.

Warm-Tone Indirect Perimeter Lighting in Every Pod

We want our clients to get the most out of their investment with SnapCab workplace solutions. Hence why we’ve made the choice, and followed the science, to offer warm-tone indirect perimeter lighting in every pod we manufacture at no extra charge. 

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