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3rd Annual Pod Design Contest Winner and Honorees

Announcing the winner of the 3rd annual "Space To Be You" pod design contest! The Zen Garden pod, the winning design, is set to come to life and take center stage at NeoCon 2024 in Chicago this coming June!

December 20, 2023

Winner: Zen Garden Pod

Gia Kieu

Crafted from bamboo panels and adorned with organic shapes, the Zen Garden Pod offers a captivating retreat to seek a moment of respite amidst a zen garden setting. The back wall showcases Woodbequiet linear planks, mimicking the appearance of wood timber, complemented by a lush display of moss. Enhancing the acoustic ambiance, the Baux wood wool acoustic ceiling tiles contribute to a serene atmosphere. The Interface ‘ Look Both Ways’ carpet LVT patterns seamlessly combine Zen-like purity with playfulness. Alongside the Asher ottoman, reminiscent of river stones, and the sculptural maple wood side table, these elements come together to shape the entire Zen garden landscape. This thoughtful design approach ensures a harmonious blend of natural elements, providing a tranquil and rejuvenating environment for users.


Karin Dax


Addison Ruder


Rachel Unruh


Katherine Orellana

Thank you!

Thank you to all designers for your innovative pod concepts and to everyone who participated and cast their votes!

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