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Pod Features

Popular Configurations

Custom Design Made Easy

Visualize your ideal pod with our configurator tool and material collection


Custom Design Made Easy

Visualize your ideal pod with our configurator tool and material collection


Custom Sizing

Imagine a pod that fits perfectly with your office’s unique layout, and how you intend to use it within. SnapCab stands out as the sole privacy pod company that goes beyond standard model sizes; we collaborate with you to tailor the precise dimensions necessary to integrate seamlessly into your space.

We have a team of specialists dedicated to making your custom vision come to life.

Unlimited Materials
and Finishes

Personalization has never been easier with a spectrum of finish options to represent your brand and match your aesthetics. Have control over what matters to you. From frame color to wall panel finishes and flooring, to furniture.

Rethinking Pods by Unlocking Design Choice

Sound Privacy

Standard privacy

Recommended for most environments

Enhanced privacy

For heightened confidentiality needs

Finish Selection

Wall panels


Barrier-free flooring
Accessible door pull
Automatic door opener
ADA 36” door

Door Handles

Vertical D pull
ADA D pull
Locking lever
Smart lock

Visual Privacy

Switch glass
Frosted glass


Seismic compliance
Fire suppression
Breakaway glass


Perimeter lighting
Face lighting



Have specific needs in mind? A dedicated team of specialists will work with you to make sure your needs are met, and its users are comfortable.

Product Update

Perimeter Lighting

Introducing warm-tone indirect perimeter lighting to all of our pod models, designed to elevate your mood, productivity, and overall user experience.

“ Our privacy pods are our safe zones, our places of refuge in the midst of the chaos. They provide not just privacy but safety too. Ensuring that these pods are safe, secures our peace of mind while we're inside. ”

Safe and Sustainable


UL Listed 

UL 962 – for Prefabricated Privacy Booths and Sleep Capsules

Seismic Certified

In accordance with ASTM E72 to California Building Code (CBC), International Building Code (IBC), ASCE 7-10 

CARB Phase 2 Compliant
Safety Breakaway Glass 

North American manufacturing ensures high-quality craftsmanship, shorter lead times, and reduced environmental impact compared to overseas production. This results in faster turnaround times, greater flexibility in customization, and a smaller carbon footprint, ultimately benefiting both designers and clients in terms of product quality, reliability, and sustainability.

Environment-Specific Sound Privacy Packages

Sound privacy needs vary significantly based on the environment. SnapCab provides tailored sound packages to ensure the privacy of that space is met effectively.

In environments ranging from corporate offices, educational institutions, and healthcare centers to highly confidential settings, our suite of solutions — including sound masking technologies, noise-absorbing materials, and adaptable wall constructions — can be tailored to meet the specific privacy needs of users. These solutions address a range of requirements, such as typical open office environments, audio recording booths and highly confidential government and military solutions.

Unlocking Design Choice

Experience ultimate customization with our pod configurator, offering an unparalleled selection of materials and finishes.


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Our team is ready to provide you with a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


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